The Ideal Location  
Banjul- your access to and from the ECOWAS market
Banjul Freeport offers an ideal launch pad for your export drive to the potentially lucrative market of the Economic Community of West African States.

Utilizing Banjul Freeport's entrepot storage facilities means that you can deliver goods to your customers within days rather than months.

Furthermore, through its membership of the ECOWAS, The Gambia offers preferential access to a regional market of 250 million consumers and an import market valued at over US $30 billion per annum.

Banjul- from the ECOWAS market to the world
International commercial operations that locate in Banjul, Freeport, would benefit from the close proximity as well as have favourable market access to the European Union Countries and North America.

All major business centres in the EU and the Americas can be accessed from Banjul within eight hours by air and within a week by sea.



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