Commitment to service  
Our Mission:
"To excel as a leading maritime centre for trade,logistics and distribution"

Freeport Facts:
Banjul Freeport offers:
A competitive and flexible tariff
24 hour port operations
Direct delivery service from ship to consignee premises
One-stop shop trade documentation process that minimizes delays
Fast customs clearance
Flexible working practices and excellent industrial relations
Fully computerized port operations
High degree of operational efficiency which guarantees fast vessel turnaround
Plant visibility rate second to none in West Africa
State-of-the-art navigational aids
Entrepot storage and transshipment facilities with concessionary rates for re-export
fig1Banjul is a freeport committed to innovation and technical excellence. Our computerized systems are state-of-the-art and our tailor made programs designed specifically to support a modern, busy port operation. Accounting and billing functions are fully computerized, as are ships operations control, stevedore control and many other functions. The entire system is integrated into a sophisticated MIS (Management Information System) to ensure that the best possible use is made of data records.
Banjul Freeport also acknowledges that without good staff, technology is meaningless. We fully understand the role that thorough and regular staff training plays in providing our customers with a quality of service that is first-class.
Performance Indicators

"At the Port of Banjul, we experience a fast and efficient turnaround of our containers which results in optimal utilization of our equipment.
We find port management is responsive and committed to providing a high level of customer service"
Simon Haigh
General Manager, Maersk Gambia Ltd.

"The GPA has taken a number of initiatives designed to improve efficiency at Banjul Port, which has gained a reputation within the sub region for its service, quality and productivity."
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